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:: Attachment ::

          Attachment is an expression of a bond between two people. With the intention to express love, careness and how much you mean to each other. Which can only be pass from a person. Replacing a person with an object can not show love and careness for each other.
          For example a child hugs a teddy bear can not replace the attachment when the child hugs his or her father or a child place a pillow on his or her body can not show careness for each other. Children gets attachment from holding an adult's hand, sitting on laps, hugs, graping arms, kissing cheeks, carrying each other, watching television next to each other. These actions can pass love, careness to the child and make the attachment even stronger. Children needs attachment from both parents. Don't think that one parent is enough. The love needs to be pass from both parents to the child, so that it is warm and strong. If children receives rejection like for example a child comes to sit on a father's lap while he is reading the newspaper the father then ignores the child and push him away or while a mother is watching television her child comes to sit next to her and ask to hold her hand. The mother then rejects the child's request for holding her hand and then ignores the child.