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:: Depression ::

Depression can be a big dark pit that drags people down to the very bottom. It makes people feel tired and distracted. Some people just feel very annoyed all the time and they don’t even know why. Different people can have different symptoms but if you feel sad or depressed for more than 2 – 3 weeks and you feel it daily there is a chance that you are depressed.

People who have been depressed and are not treated have a tendency to become depressed again. You might feel some of the symptoms weeks before you spiral down into a deep depression. You have to recognize these early symptoms and see a psychiatrist or counselor so that the condition does not worsen. Most depressed people hardly ever try to get help even though the treatment will help most of them feel better.

Depression treatment is highly important because depression affects both yourself and the people around you. Some people even harm themselves with the thought that they will never feel better and they just want to escape the bad feeling but depression is very treatable all you need to do is seek help.