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:: Attachment ::

Attachment is an expression of a bond between two people. With the intention to express love, caring and show how much you mean to each other. This can only be expressed by people. Therefore, if you replace people with objects you will not be able to fully love and care for the object.

For example if a child hugs a teddy bear, it cannot replace the attachment felt when the child hugs his or her father or if a child places a pillow on his or her body they cannot care for one another. Children get attachment from holding an adult's hand, sitting on their laps, hugging them, grasping their arms, kissing their cheeks, getting carried around, watching television next to each other. These actions can pass love, care to the child and make the attachment even stronger. Children need attachment from both parents. Don't think that one parent is enough. The love needs to be passed from both parents to the child, so that it is warm and strong. If the child receives rejection like for example a child comes to sit on the father's lap while he is reading the newspaper the father then ignores the child and pushes him away or while the mother is watching television her child comes to sit next to her and asks to hold her hand. The mother then rejects the child's request for holding hands and then ignores the child.

Some adults have the wrong idea that they can fill up the empty bucket in their Children's lives with games, comic books, television, toys or dolls instead of giving them attachment from both parents. Children will not feel attachment that is full of love, honesty and bonding there. Even if the child is given good food and clean clothes the child’s bucket will still be empty. The truth is there is not enough warm attachments for the child from their parents. Even in adults the husband and the wife get warm attachments when there is a lot of interaction whether it is holding hands, a hug or a kiss they are all good ways of sending love, sweetness, understanding and care to each other.