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We provide training and seminar services for organizations for the following topics:

Training & Seminar Topics:
1. How to work as a team
2. Thinking like a professional executive
3. Life development and relationship networking
4. Stress management
5. Money management
6. How to work happily with your boss
7. Knowing yourself
8. Life with a gambling addiction
9. How to deal with conflict
10. The Art of personnel motivation
11. The nature of a leader
12. 17 rules for team building
13. Working with culturally different co-workers
14. Adapting and working in a Thai cultural society
15. Preparation retirement
16. Basic counseling techniques
17. How to attract members of the opposite gender
18. How to keep a close relationship in married life
19. Time management
20. How to work happily with your co-workers
21. Personality types
22. Dealing with problem and making decision creatively
23. Effective Organization Communicate
24. Effective Implement planning

If you cannot find a topic that fits to your needs then you can designate a topic of your own, we are ready and glad to offer you our seminar and training service according to your desired topic.