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• Individual counseling

• Group counseling

• Family counseling

Our service offers different counseling services such as:

Individual counseling
Individual counseling offers you help to understand the core of your problem that makes you undergo stress and under pressure. This will encourage you to reconsider the former solution which you have used before to deal with your problems and then develop new techniques that will help you find the right solutions.

The procedures of individual counseling service
When you first meet the counselor, the counselor will collect your information such as your personality, your understandings, your emotional conditional and what kinds of relationships you have with others.

Then we will use all the information to determine the goal for the counseling between you and the counselor. However, the goals can be added later on such as during the counseling procedure. The counseling procedure will help you learn techniques and new skills, which will help you manage with your problem efficiently, build self-understanding, understand your lifestyle, and consider your emotions.

These factors can assist you in clearly recognizing your problem as well as seeing your counseling goals.

What do you do when you want to receive counseling service?
The most important thing for you to know as a client is that you need to understand your goals. So during the session, the counselor will write everything that you tell the counselor including situations, relationships, emotions or feelings that might relate to your problem.

These details can be used to determine your goal for receiving counseling. The clearer you know and understand about what you want from counseling, the more beneficial it will be.

Whether you are depressed, under pressure or feeling optimistic during the session, you should tell the counselor so that we can help you gain best solution.

Group counseling
Group counseling can be done on many different topics such as stress management, developing self – esteem, developing relationship with others, solving eating disorders, or even getting career advice.

How is group counseling different?
It can help you in many ways; you will not only find the solution for your problems but also for the problem of others. You will find out that many people also face the same problems as you do and you will also gain understanding towards your thoughts and emotions through the feedback of the other members in your group.

You will learn to respect individual differences as well as gaining confidence in the way you are. Therefore, group counseling is another new way for you express the real you with in your group.

What are the differences between the process of group counseling and other types of counseling?
In the process of group counseling, you will get feedback from the other members of the group right away and you can be assured off the confidentiality of your information. Everyone will learn to respect each other. Under these circumstances, you will understand how others look at you.

Scope of counseling service
We will encourage you to set a goal in order to create change. The more you see and respond to the feelings and experiences of others, the more you can understand yourself.

Group counseling service offers an opportunity for you to try new things. You can express some feelings that you might be hesitating whether to show it or keep it. It gives you a chance to affirm that you are changing and trying to the solutions that the group members suggest to you.

Once you sense security and trust from the members of your group, then you will start to feel relax and courageous enough to open up yourself to tell others about your personal life and your emotion. It is you who have to make decision whether or not you want to be a part of your group enthusiastically.

Enthusiastically here means how much you openly talk about yourself and your problems, your response to the feedback of group members within the group, sharing about yourself with them as well as listening to them, asking question when the message is unclear and supporting and comforting other members.

However it seems impossible that you will be enthusiastic every session. Sometimes you will want to be a listener instead of a speaker and spend more time sitting down and evaluating yourself closely.

How can you join group counseling?
Think about what benefits you will get from the group. Take time to think before each group session starts about your goals or your expectations. Your goals can change during the continuation of the group counseling sessions as long as you keep opening your heart and try to understand your thoughts and emotions as well as listening to other members in your group.

Sometimes, it will enable you to find a more important problem than the one you are facing at the present. Above all, if you do not get what you expected from group counseling, you should tell the members in the group right away.

Family counseling
Family counseling can be divided into:
1.Premarital Therapy
2.Marital counseling and family therapy