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Can I try using this counseling service? TOP
Due to our Thai culture, most Thai people are not familiar with counseling services. It seems unpopular among Thai people because Thais might hesitate to use counseling services. if you find yourself thinking like this, feel free to contact us and we will answer any and all questions you may have.
Do I need to receive counseling service? TOP
Most of us have received some trauma in the past and it might evolve into an issue that stops us from normally living our lives or we might face difficult issues in the present. Some of us might not even know that we have problems but, if you have a problem you can contact us to receive counseling.
What should I do if I want to receive counseling? TOP
If you want to receive counseling, please contact us. Do not be afraid. Many people who come to us for consulting are perfectly normal people, they might just have issues or problems that they are unable to resolve by themselves.
Why would I talk to somebody I don’t even know? TOP
Normally, we would discuss our problems with someone who is close to us because, it will make us feel more secure. However, talking to a professional counselor is much better because, counselors are trained to handle problems and help people find the best way out of it. So don’t be afraid. Talking to counselors is worth taking the risk.
Do I have to be very stressed to receive counseling? TOP
Some people might say that you have to be crazy or mentally ill to receive counseling or they might say that if you come you might turn out to be mentally ill but we want you to change your perspective. Counseling isn’t just for the mentally sick but, people who have problems can come and receive counseling too.


Am I so hopeless that I created problems for myself and had to come receive counseling? TOP
There are people who think that asking for help shows weakness or they might think that they’re not the cause of the problem so why should they come and receive counseling. Shouldn’t the person who caused the problem come and receive counseling. If you think that this is the case, then please reconsider because, sometimes people can’t solve problems on their own maybe it’s because their inexperienced or lack the knowledge to do so. The second case is people feel that they are not the cause of the problem so they do not feel that they should be the one receiving counseling but, from our experience there are many people who come and seek for counseling even though they are not the one causing the problem but, they are still affected by the problem but, if you seek our help you will find that you too, can help stop this problem.
If I receive counseling, can it really help me? TOP
Some people might think that counseling is just letting out all your problems and telling them to someone or they might even think that it is nonsense but, counseling is actually a cooperation between two people to work together and take on problems the counselor will help give advice and suggestions and person receiving counseling can choose whether or not they want to act upon that information.
Feel free to contact us for more information about counseling TOP
If you want to get more information, or you want to make an appointment with us or if you even want to know about the expenses for counseling so that you can prepare or make a decision, you can call us at 081-100-2428, 081-100-2460 (from 8.00-17.00) Making appointment with us will help you know what you really want from counseling and we will also give you suggestions for suitable services.

Remark : If you are a part of EAP, you can make appointment through the EAP hotline number service.

Postponing/canceling TOP
In case you can not come to your appointment, you can call us to postpone or cancel your appointment 24 hours before your appointment. If your counselor can not give you new appointment, you can call back again to make a new appointment or ask the counselor to call you back when they are able to make a new appointment.